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AN – Ra has been developed by the directors of Pathways through their meditations and experiences of channeling the ancient healers of the Light, along with the Paleoindian Guide Balistar, The Light One, and The Magdalene, who are channeled by Judith Grant. When Pathways to Health opened in 1996, we taught a Spiritual Healing that combined the Unconditional Love and Energy of Mother Earth and the Divine Energy of the Source. When people received the healing, they kept asking what this healing was called. Is this Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, or many other names? After a deep journey with her guide, Balistar, during the first year of Pathways, wrote “An-Ra” across the stars for Judith. After she shared her incredible experience, we looked up the word and found that it described the philosophy we had been teaching.


“An” and “Ra” are ancient Egyptian words. Each of the words carries a different vibration and meaning. But together the enhanced vibration is amazingly powerful and yet gentle. “An” refers to the Energy of Unconditional Love that comes through our connection with Mother Earth. This connection grounds us and allows us to bring the Divine Light into our humanity. With “Ra” representing the all-encompassing Divine Light of Source, including the Soul Qualities of Deep Compassion, True Understanding, Wisdom, and the capacity for True Forgiveness and Transformation.


When combined for the purpose of hands-on healing, this incredible, energy is brought into the heart Chakra and flows into the recipient. Many people who have experienced these healings have reported that “An-Ra” Healing Energy is a magnificent light that has various shades of green, from emerald to teal flowing as a warm, loving, safe connection. from Source to our heart center. The “An-Ra Energy” is seen as a beautiful Violet Light from Mother Earth’s very heart. By balancing our Chakras, and removing their own blocks, An-Ra Energy Healers are taught to channel both the Divine Light of Source and bring that Love and Light into our humanity with a strong connection to the Earth.


Many know that our Souls chose to be here on the planet at this time to assist in the transformation and raising of vibration of the planet. An-Ra is the perfect form to assist in raising the Vibration of the Earth and all its inhabitants. This An-Ra Philosophy is at the core of all that is taught at Pathways. including HypnoSynergistic Transformational Healing, Psychospiritual Readings, Past Life Regression, Inner Child Healing, Meditations, Counseling, and of course An-Ra Healings that are open to the public monthly.


Our guides have taught us that the Ancient Shamans, Eastern philosophies, Native Americans, Jesus, Buddha, the Atlanteans, ancient Greeks, and Egyptians, all have similar concepts of healing. The An-Ra has continued to grow and expand through processes taught at our yearly Retreats, since our inception in 1996. The co creation between healer and those being healed has created a very complete and powerful healing paradigm.


Dr William Bezmen PhD, PMH, CNS

Pathways To Health



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